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Satisfyer V Balls Training Set

Satisfyer V Balls Training Set


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Satisfyer V Balls

Enjoy amazing orgasms with these Ben Wa balls from Satisfyer: The V Balls are the ideal companions for your pelvic floor training. Training for as little as 15 minutes strengthens your pelvic floor muscles which will intensify sensations during lovemaking - for you and your partner. You can easily and flexibly integrate training with these love balls into your everyday life: Wear the V Balls for example during a workout at home or while shopping.
The V Balls are made of body-friendly silicone and come in a handy set with different weights so that you can gradually improve your pelvic floor training. Weights range from 79.3 g to 114.1 g to 150.3 g - start with the lightest ball and work your way up slowly. The Satisfyer V Balls are easy to insert and remove thanks to their spherical design and the practical retrieval string. Please be advised that these balls are static and do not jiggle.

Weight: 344 g
Suitable for: Women
Length: 156 5 mm
Breadth: 33 8 mm
Height: 30 8 mm
Stimulation: Vaginal
Waterproof: Yes
Material: Silicone