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Prowler Red

Prowler RED ERGO by Oxballs Medium

Prowler RED ERGO by Oxballs Medium


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ERGO-2 buttplug the perfect shape and the best liquid Silicone


The ultimate buttplug…it’s the right shape and the perfect feel ERGO is crafted to be the perfect plug. These plugs are hand poured in small batches—we do this because it is the only way to get a  perfect mix of softness and lush glossy finish. ERGO is made by real craftsmen in Los Angeles using Liquid Platinum Silicone. Liquid Silicone is heavy dense and it holds warmth. ERGO’s high quality material feels amazing--it really is the best.


ERGO buttplug is designed for comfort its kidney bean shape and tapered neck stay snugly in place. The shape puts the right pressure where you want it just the right stretch and feel…and the neck and big base are sized so you can clamp down naturally. The heavy base keeps it standing tall for easy squatting.


  • Super blubbery smooth shape

  • Each ERGO buttplug is hand-poured and hand-finished

  • Made from our best-selling high quality Pure Platinum Silicone

  • Fleshy material and smooth texture are designed for comfort

  • Tapered shape and flared base are designed to keep ERGO inserted



Length: 4.75"
Width: 1.5 - 4.25"
Smallest usable circumference: 3.75"
Largest usable circumference: 6.5"
Weight: 8.3 oz
Hand-poured and finished in Los Angeles California USA