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Lovebotz Mini Handheld Milker Suction Masturbator Clear

Lovebotz Mini Handheld Milker Suction Masturbator Clear


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This small but mighty handheld milker by Lovebotz is perfect as a discrete and powerful masturbation toy!

Use some water-based lube and slip on the clear stretchy TPE sleeve and pull the ball strap around your balls to keep it in place. Connect the tube to the head of the sleeve and slip the powerful bullet vibrator into the pocket of the sleeve and let it do all the work.

Enjoy intense milking via the suction and vibrating features control the intensity using the mini handheld remote! With 3 speeds and 7 patterns of buzzing vibration to enjoy against your shaft you can delve into some seriously intense levels of suction with up to 3 000 RPMs on the highest setting! With a liquid chamber in the middle of the suction tube you can also rest assured that clean-up will be easy.

That liquid chamber will stop any extra fluid from going too far down the tube. The sleeve itself is also easy to wash; use warm water and mild soap on everything rinse and then spray with a toy cleaner before letting air dry.

Do not submerge the remote or the bullet vibrator. This handheld milker is the perfect toy if you want something that feels less like jerking off and more like a blowjob the inside of the sleeve will stimulate and grip your cock as it sucks away pairing this with the vibrations from the bullet you can simultaneously experience multiple sensations test yourself and find out how long you can last.