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Hunkyjunk Double Thruster Double Penetrator Sling Tar Ice

Hunkyjunk Double Thruster Double Penetrator Sling Tar Ice


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This DOUBLE THRUSTER by Hunkyjunk straps on to your dick and balls with a cock-sling base. The thick rubbery design attaches to you with no straps and no harnesses it's the second shaft you wear. The rubbery-firm Plus+SILICONE mix is designed for pegging and to stay firmly in place. The pegger knob is egg shaped for easy insertion and the shaft is smooth and slick. The shaft lays on top of your meat with a concave indentation at the base so your dick and the pegger morph together at the base while the end of the shaft is separate for maximum feel. Using some lube on your cock slide the shaft through the front hole to the base and then pull up while standing to drop ball sack through the bottom hole.