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Penis pumps don’t necessarily have the best reputation, with a lot of people just writing them off as a fantasy. If you’ve done a bit of research, you’ll have seen people claiming ‘if penis enlargement really worked, the inventor would be a billionaire’ – ‘pumps seem dangerous to use’, and similar.

With complete clinical approval, over 1 million units sold worldwide, and over 72% of customers reporting growth after a month’s use, along with an 85% total satisfaction rate, according to a 2018 study of over 100 customers.


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So what makes Bathmate special?

Originally invented in 2006 to help out a friend who was unable to achieve an erection, Bathmate pumps stand out from the competition in a lot of ways. Like all pumps, Bathmate creates vacuum pressure, forcing blood into the penis to create a powerful erection, basically exercising the penis like any other muscle.

Unlike other penis pumps, however, Bathmate hydropumps don’t use air to create a vacuum – the whole system is water-based. This means that we’re able to create a far more effective, completely equal level of pressure without any risk, while exercising the penis in the most relaxed state possible.

This creates real, unmatched results. Bathmate said, over 72% of users noticed growth after a month’s regular usage, while a full 79% reported harder erections. The numbers don’t lie.

We really want to get rid of the stereotypical image of a penis pump user as being seedy, small, and sexually unappealing. It’s not you, and it’s not us. The Bathmate pumps are all about helping you build up confidence, giving you a penis that you’re more comfortable with – it’s just a different kind of workout.

Recommended Use

In order to obtain optimum benefit from the Hydropump and to avoid inappropriate use which may cause discomfort, you are strongly advised to follow the instructions as outlined below:

BEFORE FIRST USE: Wash your hydropump using warm, clean soapy water and rinse thouroughly.

• Ensure your pubic area is reasonably well trimmed. This will facilitate the vacuum seal against the pelvic seat.

• A relaxation period of a few minutes in a warm shower or bath is required to allow the testicles to soften, allowing them to remain free from the
sealing area thereby avoiding any discomfort.

• Apply only the minimum amount of vacuum pressure necessary to achieve an erection. Excessive vacuum pressure and over vigorous pumping
may result in bruising or injury to the penis

• To benefit the most in erection hardness and optimal blood flow, it is best to remove the device every 2-3 minutes and allow the penis to retract, Massage the penis in the flaccid state for 2 minutes, then re apply the device and repeat the process. You should do this a maximum of 3 times in any 15 minute session.

• Do not use the Hydropump for more than 15 minutes in any period of 24 hours.

How the Hydropump works
The Hydropump functions by creating a vacuum seal against the pubic area of the user, enclosing the flaccid penis. When the pump is pushed downwards against the body, the bellows compress and water is ejected from the end of the pump via the open valve. When released the bellows expand and the valve closes, creating a partial vacuum inside the pump. This causes the penis to expand and fill with blood, creating an erection. Re pumping increases the vacuum, and so increases the size of the erection.
The user controls the level of vacuum by depressing the valve inwards against the spring, opening the valve and allowing air or water back into the body of the pump, thereby partially or fully releasing the vacuum.
The vacuum in Bathmate Hydropumps is created by the elastic recoil strength of the bellows gaiter pump, so the user cannot exceed the safe partial vacuum levels allowed under European and USA medical regulations.

The black pip on the top of the valve is moved by pressing and holding the valve closed. The closed position should only be used whilst filling the Hydropump with water in the shower. At all other times the black pip should be in the open position. Failing to ensure that the black pip is in the open position will prevent the Hydropump from operating correctly.

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