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Prowler Red

Prowler RED Fully Adjustable UltraCock Sex Machine

Prowler RED Fully Adjustable UltraCock Sex Machine


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NOW on SALE - Enjoy pleasure from all angles with Prowler's fully adjustable UltraCock Sex Machine that can be positioned however you desire, along with the speed and telescopic distance. The machine's fully adaptable design lets you choose the angles and height as you position it to hit all the right spots.

Effortlessly raise, lower and incline it as you desire. Dive into personalized delight with an adjustable telescopic range, spanning 3 to 15cm, enabling you to orchestrate the depth and tempo of each thrust.

Seamlessly command the intensity through the wired dial controller to get the telescopic speed to match your mood. Embrace stability as the suction cup dildo attachment, bolstered by reinforcing C-rings, provides unwavering support during your explorations.

Embark on your orgasmic odyssey with a 6 dildo that arrives with the machine, primed to ignite your senses. Open up a world of options with universal compatibility, accommodating all suction cup-based dildos.