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Sex Toy Buying Tips: You Should Pay Attention To This Two

Sex Toy Buying Tips: You Should Pay Attention To This

Sex Toy Buying Tips: You Should Pay Attention To This Two

If you have a well-stocked nightstand, you’ve discovered what you like or don’t like with every purchase. It may be that you paid a considerable amount together, but of the ten sex toys in the end only three used regularly. Do you want to avoid bad buys or are you completely new to the world of erotic toys? We tell you what tips & tricks you are going to buy as a sex toy.

Beginner? Start small

If you have little or no experience with vibrators or other toys, start with an entry-level model. Not because larger sizes still ‘don’t fit, but because you have to get used to the feeling. You’re in luck with a beginner vibrator. These often do not cost much, because they have few vibration modes and special features. A ‘regular’ bar vibrator or bullet vibrator is a good choice for a beginner. With a rod vibrator, you can stimulate both clitoral and vaginal. The advantage of a bullet vibrator is that it is compact, but you can only use it on your clitoris. A Tarzan vibrator is possible, but I would only recommend it after you are familiar with the vibrations of a ‘basic’ vibe.

What do you want?

The great thing about sex toys is that there are hundreds of shapes and sizes, so something for everyone. At the same time, this also makes it difficult to choose. Think of buying sex toys as a fun voyage of discovery, your first pair of toys may not be the ultimate favourite. You don’t have to just randomly order something from various categories. Of course, you can exclude certain toys before purchasing that do not seem comfortable to you. For example, if you like stimulation on your clitoris more than vaginal, then buy a rod vibrator, bullet vibrator or air pressure clitoral stimulator (eg Womanizer). Do you like double stimulation? Then a Tarzan vibrator is the right choice for you. Always read the description and product details carefully. Especially when shopping online, an image can be quite deceiving. In the picture, the toy can appear large or small, while it is the other way around. You would rather not be surprised by a 30-centimetre toy if 17 centimetres seems fine to you.

Cheap is expensive

A (web) shop might not tell you this, but professional sex toys (and we too) swear by them. When it comes to toys, cheap is really expensive. A cheap toy often means that it breaks quickly, does not work properly and contains harmful substances (see next tip). When it comes to your private parts and your enjoyment, you prefer the best of the best. It also does not have to cost hundreds of euros. You have a really good toy for more than forty euros. A good basic toy starts at around 30 euros. And the crème de la crème of sex toys… well, you have to reach for that. Think of the toys from top brands LELO , Womanizer and Swan . And believe us, you will enjoy it for years!

Beware of plasticizers

What not enough women and men know is that dangerous sex toys are still being sold. These are toys that contain so-called plasticizers (phthalates). These substances have been banned in children’s toys for years, but are still in – well – adult toys. When used, it can penetrate into your body and cause kidney problems and even cancer. You will mainly find plasticizers in toys made of ‘jelly’ material. You can recognize this by a foul, plastic-like smell and bright colours. Often they are also very cheap and that’s what they look like. When buying a sex toy, pay attention to the material: only 100% of surgical silicone is safe for your body. We previously wrote an extensive article about the danger of plasticisers .

Read reviews

You can’t try out toys at home as you do with clothes. Once bought, you are stuck with it. It is a pity if you have paid a considerable amount for a sex toy that does not work well or does not meet your wishes! There goes your money. As we said before: cheap is expensive so you get better if you buy a relatively expensive sex toy. Companies will always promise you quadruple orgasms, but whether it really is you can read in reviews from other customers. So do you have a crush on a luxurious toy? Search for reviews via Google first. It may well be that someone else hates a toy, while it can be heavenly for you. Not everyone has the same taste, so read multiple reviews. If you are still looking for new ‘toys’, we also regularly write reviews on OMG Adult World.

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