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5 Ways To Use Sex Toys

5 Ways To Use Sex Toys

In 2021 you really don’t have to be ashamed anymore if you use sex toys. In fact, it is encouraged. Sextoys = self-care. Do you want to experiment and discover even more? Check out our 5 tips.

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1. Discover multiple orgasms

When you can reach the clitoral orgasm, you can also experiment with more erogenous zones. What’s better than cumming twice? A multiple orgasms means that you do not cum once, but twice or more eight of each other.

Many women come more violently and easily a second time (and first time) when using a toy. That makes sense, a vibe is simply much more powerful than your fingers. If you want to try a double orgasm with a toy, we recommend the SONA 2 Cruise from the award-winning sexual wellness brand LELO. This clitoral stimulator uses sonic waves to stimulate your clitoris. Thanks to the Cruise control technology, the sex toy goes a step further when you need it, namely just before your orgasm when you press the toy hard against your body. Hallelujah!


2. Remote tension

Let’s face it: the corona crisis and lockdown aren’t exactly a miracle for the intimacy in your relationship. By continuously sitting at home, you grow apart rather than towards each other. Trying something out of the box regularly keeps your sex life alive. Find excitement together by using a toy with remote control. You – or your girlfriend, if you have one – bring in the toy and the other holds the remote. The LELO Hula Beads toy is great to use for this adventure. It is also possible to use LELO coupling toys. The Tiani and Ida stimulate your G-spot and your clitoris. You can wear these during (penetration) sex, but they also stay in place when you wear clothes.



3. To massage

Do you ever take time for slow foreplay? Foreplay is important to keep the fire going. It doesn’t necessarily have to exist. The Smart Wand 2 from LELO is actually a sex toy but is also very nice to massage with. Did you know that wand massager was really only used as a massaging device in the past? The powerful vibrations penetrate deep into the skin and provide a really nice relaxed feeling. One thing automatically leads to the other.



4. Get together

Cumming at the same time is a real boost for intimacy, but it’s not that easy for straight couples. Usually, a man comes faster than a woman. In addition, only 80 to 90 per cent of women cannot have an orgasm from penetration alone. This creates the infamous orgasm gap in many straight couples: the man orgasms more often than the woman during sex. The Tiani 3 couples toy can make a big difference! This duo toy can be worn during penetration of sex and stimulates the G-spot and clitoris of the woman. The toy includes a remote control with which you or your partner can adjust the vibrations and positions.



5. Training pelvic floor muscles

Did you know that there are also erotic toys to train your pelvic floor muscles? These muscles are very important. They ensure that you can hold your urine (tightening) and have penetration (relaxation). By wearing the LELO Beads Plus you can train these muscles. If you do this regularly, you can experience all kinds of benefits in the bedroom. Such as more feeling during penetration for you and him and easier and more intense orgasm.

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